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Worried about nobody home during delivery? Check out Goobat Click & Collect!

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Who is GoobatMan and Why We Created Our Own Superhero

Product Description 3-in-1 joint health formula combines Glucosamine and Chondroitin (natural components found in connective tissues and joint cartilage) & MSM (organic sulfur supportive for tissue repair) In caplets form for easy swallowing. Contains 160mg of sodium per serving (3 tablets).  Rebuild & Repair:  Glucosamine is the key...



To set PayPal Website Payments Standard account in Merchium: In the administration panel, go to Administration > Payment methods . Click the + button on the left. In the opened window, enter PayPal into the Name text input field, select PayPal in the Processor drop-down select box, enter the necessary description and...


Embed Merchium into a custom website

Note: Make sure your site allows you to embed external JavaScript code. If you are using a site generator service, this may not be allowed. Log in to your Merchium admin panel and go to Design → Layouts .


Merchium Marketplace Opens for Partners

Hi! The Merchium Marketplace is where merchants will buy themes and apps for their stores. Today, we have great news for developers and designers who want to sell their work via the Marketplace and to benefit from Merchium’s growth. The Merchium Marketplace is now open for partners. If you want to sell apps and themes on the Marketplace, email us...

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